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Help configuring for mobile?

I love bubble and am super excited about building here, except I can only view a web version on my phone (iPhone5). I had a friend view it on a 6 and same deal.

I tried narrowing the screen down to 380. Nothing changed, Could not even tell if it took the fix or not. The standard desktop website view is all I can view on my phone.

Can anyone help with how I can optimize the experience for mobile?

The way it currently works is that you define a mobile version of your page that gets sent when the user is on a mobile device. At this stage that means you should build 2 versions of your page (but we’re working on responsiveness), but for the end user the experience will be seamless.


Chrome browser has an awesome feature where you can view how your site looks on like 20 different devices. Right-click anywhere and then click inspect element, then in the upper left corner of the tray that pops up there’s a little mobile icon. Click that and you should be able to figure it out from there.


When I create the mobile version (which is effectively a different app), do I need to reconfigure the domain name settings etc for that version as well ? Or is there a better way to indicate that this is from mobile ? Thanks.

Not sure I’m following. It should be the same app, just a different page. What do you mean by “indicate that this is from mobile”?