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'Mobile Version' question

@emmanuel - think this might be one for you.

What rules are used to decide whether a mobile version of the app is displayed? (is it reading page width or device type to decide?).

Have you considered making public some of the elements from the ‘Forum’ bubble app? It contains some fantastic examples of useful things, ans showcases how the ‘creator’ best practice for setting up things like page widths /element widths / responsive settings for mobile vs non mobile pages, element widths etc. Its a good baseline.


What Forum app are you speaking of?

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This one :wink: The Bubble forum.
It works really well on both PC and mobile, and I’d be interested in the settings used to realise it.

Unfortunately, the forum is built on Discourse, not Bubble.


Natedogg is right, the forum wasn’t built on bubble. This comes up a lot! :slight_smile:

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Thanks both :slight_smile: Not to worry - I seem to find a way to do anything I want in Bubble eventually! Generally starting with the lazy route!

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