[Help] Countdown Timer

Alright. BEFORE you just link me to the other posts, help me out here and listen to what I have to say. I have looked everywhere for help but can’t seem to get this countdown timer to work. I have days working but not hours and minutes and later when I add it, seconds. I have days working because about a month ago, there was a rocket launch bubble.is countdown application someone made. I looked off of that and it helped a lot but I can’t understand any of the others. The rocket one went off of an input however I managed to switch it to go off data value. Ordered Date. The rocket launch test is now gone and cannot be found. I have it updating the group every 1 second and heres some pics:

Days (Working):

Hours (Not Working):

Minutes (Not Working):

You can see the issue at http://cosmic-cad.com/version-test/admin?debug_mode=true

Please help me out. Thanks!

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