Help creating a user home feed that has nested associated posts


I am looking for advise on the best way to implement a user home feed for a social networking app. The site supports 4 different types of posts, with one being the parent, so I am getting a bit of a mental block on the best way to implement it. The app would support posting issues, solutions to issues and implementation ideas for solutions to issues. In addition, a comment can be made on a posted issue, a posted solution or a posted implementation idea.

Initially, I was thinking I could structure the database to include data types of:

  1. Issues
  2. Solutions
  3. Implementations
  • Issues would have among other things, a field that is a list of Solutions and another field a list of Comments
  • Solutions would have among other things, a field that is a list of Implementations and another field a list of Comments
  • Implementations would have among other things, a field that is a list of Comments

If I implement the above data structure, I am now stuck on the best way to create a home feed for a user that captures all posts that are tagged with the topics they follow and the posts from people they follow. I thought I could perhaps create a Feeds datatype that will be populated with every post made and automatically stores the post, the post type and tagged topics for the post. However, I am stuck on how to display posts such that if a user’s friend posted a solution, I still need to show on the user’s feed the issue that the solution was for and then any other associated posts, such as comments and implementation ideas.

I am new to Bubble and this would be my very first app being created. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how I could possibly achieve the user feed I have described above i.e. that I need to show relevant issues for a user and also show the associated solutions and implementation ideas for the issue.


Hi @obyobidi

Gets intricate to provide guidance on all of the above. Perhaps the following material can be useful: - Create a social media feed with multiple content types

How To Build A Facebook Clone Without Code

Have fun with your build! :+1:

Thanks for the links!

I have watched the videos and some others and I am currently planning to try using nested repeating groups to organize the relationships between Issues, Solutions, Implementations and Comments.

I am also planning to scrap using specific data types for each type of Post and will just have a Posts data type where all posts are stored, with an appropriate identification of what type of post it is. Fingers crossed that it works.

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