Create a user activity feeds

Hi, am trying to create a user activity feed in my app, i have create a new data type called ‘user feed’

i have been able to log activities like comment, toast in the app, and user who adds someone as their favorite, but i just dont know how to continue, i have been able to create a feed for the current user but not for other user which he or she follows … thanks any help will do

You could do a repeating group with the data source set to search for users with the constraint User is in Current User’s ‘following’ or however you have your following system set up and then have a text element display each of those user’s activity feed. That’s the best I can tell you with the very limited information you gave.

@DrDaNkk i still cant get it please, what type of info do you need please ll?

This video might be helpful on the topic - credit to @romanmg

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thanks but this isn’t what i really want.

i want user to be able to see the activities of other user who they add as favorite