Help : Displaying list in a repeating table not working

I’m trying to display a list in a repeating table. I created a repeating table to display data of a list.

Field Name is credits
Field Type is list of texts

I would like this list to be displayed in a repeating group but I couldnt make it work. Help please?

You will need to also show how you Repeating Group RG is defined before anyone would have enough information to help. If by “couldn’t make it work” you mean you can’t see anything in your list then that is probably the source of your problem.

Hi Patricia!

Thanks for responding. Here’s what I have :slight_smile:

Repeating table : Source through data on mytable data type

Text on the repeating table : Display list of data of the topup-mytable field

Data Type Field to be displayed :

This is a sample data loaded on the topup-mytable field :

So Essentially, I would like the sample data to be displayed on the repeating table line by line. Right now it is not displaying anything

Please let me know what other info I can share. Any help would be super appreciated.

Hey @anon14441958,

Not sure if I got your data structure right from the pics, but it seems like you’re trying to display a list that is inside of another list.

You could use nested repeating groups for this.

It seems that each “mytable” contains a “topup-mytable” as a field, and that each top “topup-mytable” consists of a list of texts. Inside of your mytable repeating group, then, you could add another repeating group. Make this repeating group of the type “text”, and its data source should be “current cell’s mytable’s topup-mytable’s list of texts”. Then add a text element in the first cell of the nested repeating group, and set its value to “current cell’s text”.

Hope this helps!

Hey Jacob,

Thanks for helping!

Im sorry if I wasn’t able to explain myself clearer. I’m a bit overwhelmed with this problem as I have been trying to solve it for hours now :frowning:

I have a list of subscribers that I distribute products to and I’m creating a page for tracking and reporting. I have successfully implemented a repeating table that lists these subscribers. Now, I added an arrow, that if clicked willtrigger a group to be visible. This group automatically pre-fills the information of the “subscriber arrow” you clicked. Here’s a screenshot :

Now I tried to list a history of the credits I added. The problem is, the repeating table I created for this specific function shows the credits for everyone. I would like the data displayed for the current selection only. See screenshot :

I think I need to tell Bubble to look for the specific current selection but I do not know where to edit this. I’m totally lost.

Hey Jacob!

I was able to list the data for the specific subscriber but I can’t set it to display per line in the table. So if you check the screenshot, you see 10 and 2. They should be displayed per line on the table - not combined.

Help please?

Okay, I think I see what you’re trying to do. You could do this in a number of ways. Here’s what I would do: have a data type called “credit” with a field that is of the type “number” (for the amount of credits you’re giving). That way, whenever you create a new “credit”, you’ll have access to the built in “creation date” field. Then you could add a new field for that is a “list of credits” as a field for each subscriber. The repeating group you’re having issues with would be of the type “credit”, and the data source would be the popup’s subscriber’s list of credits.

I actually tried that earlier and since I would be linking 2 data types so I can use them in 1 repeating table, I created a credits field on mytable with the type as “data type”. Then I modified the workflows to create new things to this new data type. I tried it but it is not pulling the data too :frowning:

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