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Help filtering age range using birthday dates

Hi everyone!
I am new to bubble, and I am trying to filter the age range of the users just like tinder does, however I have a problem because the age range is a data type called “numeric range” but the users have registered their dates of birthday of the type “date”. I have not been able to filter the age preferences using the birthday dates of the other users. Help! Thank you so much

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I suspect this built-in operator will help you.

The problem is that I cannot search between two ranges of numbers for example: (I am looking for women from 19 to 38 years old) when I have thousands of birthdays in the database (06/11/1990, 12/02/2000, 20/05/1981, etc). :cold_sweat:
There must be a way to convert these numeric range to date range or vice versa.

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