Help ! First 2 digits of a number

Hello, I have postal codes and I would like to extract only the first 2 numbers, is it possible ? (to display them in a chart)

Hi there, @rayanerachid91212… use the :truncated to operator and truncate the postal codes to 2 characters (numbers).



truncate the number.

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thx guys!

Hi mike, i tried but i didnt find it

It wasn’t clear from your initial question that you were trying to perform this operation on a list… but you can’t use ‘truncated’ directly on a list.

So if you need to truncate a list of texts, you can take that list and use :format as text on it.

Then for each item you can use this text: truncated to x and use any arbitrary symbol as the delimiter.

Then, to produce the list of truncated texts, split the output text by the same symbol you used as the delimiter.

Hi Adam, thanks for your help, in fact what I’m trying to do is to display the first 2 digits of the postal codes that come up the most in the students of my application. To know from which department most of my students come from. By doing as you said I find myself with an error in red, how to correct this? With kind regards.



You haven’t put anything in the content to show per list item.

That’s where you need to define what you want to display for each item in the list (i.e. this text truncated to 2)

i did it but then ?

no you didn’t (you didn’t do what I explained)…

As I said, you need to enter ‘This text: truncated to 2’ in the content to show per list item box.

Then use any arbitrary character as the delimiter.

I would need a screenshot because I really can’t understand what you are telling me with all my respect

I’m not sure what part wasn’t clear…

but here’s a screenshot anyway:


Thanks adam, I did what you told me but they force me to add a character at the end, what should I put?

you need to use :split by and split by the same character you used as the delimiter in your :format as text operation

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Thank you very much it worked !

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Hey adam sorry to bother you again, I wanted to know why the data doesn’t merge? Because these are zip codes with the same first 2 digits, but they are counted differently. Do you know why?

Screenshot (48)
Screenshot (47)


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