How to extract the last 3 digits from a text input?

I want to store the last 3 digits of a user’s bank account so I can give them a hint as to which bank account they have on file with me.

How can I extract those 3 digits from the input where they’ve entered the full bank account number? Should be easy, but I’m not getting it.


Hi @philnauta - use “:truncated from end to N” where “N” is the number digits at the end you want to show. Refer to image below.


Thanks @nikolai, it worked! I had seen that before, but the reference ( Introduction - Bubble Docs ), which says:

Truncates a text starting from the end, removing X characters.

…made me think that this:


would remove the last 3 digits, not everything except for the last 3 digits.

Perhaps the reference should say:

Truncates a text starting from the end, removing everything except the last X characters.


@philnauta - glad you got it working! Yes, I agree the wording is a bit confusing.

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