Help for differents types of search system

Hi everyone, I’m a new beginner in Bubble.
After some tutorials I’m trying to create an app with different types of research.

  • Simple search by name
  • Search by tags
  • Guided search

And I would like to know if, for the “search per tags” there is a known solution,plugin or component that can provide that easily ? Cause its seems hard to create a tag selection and with that selection display a list of products.

For the “Guided search” the easiest way (that i’m aware of) seems to do a multistep form like with structured tags to provide a list of products that include those tags. Am I correct ?

Hope I have respected the policy of the forum and thanks in advance for your answers.



Hi Manson,

Welcome to Bubble! Hope you are having fun so far.

I suggest you build these features natively in bubble. Plugins are a huge help but as much as possible, if you can recreate what a plugin can do, build the feature yourself. You do not want to create dependency on these plugins. However, if you really need to use one, you need to find one that is heavily documented and are constantly being updated.

As for your question, I suggest you build a separate data type or an extra field for “tags”. If you’re thinking adding a lot of constraints to your search might slow down the results, it will. However, you could use the Daisy Chain Filtering. It is quite an advanced technique but learning this will undoubtedly help you.

Thanks for your answer,
You are probably right for the plugin subject, and I think it is the best way for me to learn Bubble.

I will study what you told me and report it later. Cause yes, I think there will be a lot of constraint in the construction of that tool.

Hi @vincentmanson0. If I understood that correctly, I suggest the Bubble’s plugin multidropdown menu input.
You can use it to easily display the tags for the user to input, and then you can filter a repeating group using the constraint “is in” (instead of equal sign).
The only limitation I remember from this is that you can’t select which tags start on the Default Value, you can have all of them, or none of them.