Searching a field that is a list of text

Hey folks! I am new to bubble and have hit a snag on an app I’m building. Basically, I let people upload a picture and add tags (notice not one tag, but multiple) to it so that it can be found by others later. The tags are stored in a field that is a list of text.

Here is the problem. I want to build a search feature that would let someone search the list of tags in the search bar and allow them to pick the correct tag and have it displayed in a RG.

I have tried the native .bubble search bar, but it only seems to allow searching for a single field. I have also tried Search & Autocorrect plugin. Any advice on how to do this? I’ve trolled through the forum and the issue has come up a few times, but no real successful answer has been offered. Not sure why such a common function (i.e., using keywords/tags to search wouldn’t be supported - would love to hear from any folks).

Any advice based on your experiences would be greatly appreciated!

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