HELP: How to make other users see the changes that make by one of the user in the app?

I faced a problem that I couldn’t make other logged in’s users to see the changes when I click something (like I click a button and then I can see the button change colour but the other people can’t see the changes at the same time ) I need to make all of the user to see changes when one of the user makes a changes. Please helppp!

Hi there, @chongkailin… you are probably going to need to share more details (including screenshots) if you want help on this one. In general, though, if you have a condition that references a value that is saved in the database for a thing, then the condition will likely be true for any user who views the thing, and all users should see the thing the same way.


See this tutorial… Was made for messaging but will serve your purpose : Triggering Custom Events in When Data Changes: Messaging - YouTube

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