Help If you dont mind

Okay im trying to make a social website so i have it set were it shows a list of users on a page and im trying to make it were you click on the user picture it dose a pop up of the users profile info is there anyway to set that up cus im trying but it keeps showing ether mine or both of the test accounts at the same time if anyone could help me please it would be much thank you.

On the popup window you can set it’s type to “user” and leave data source blank.

Add this to your popup opening workflow and it should work for that user. Just pass it the user you want.


Thank You very much and for like the text display for the name what would be the best data to input for it to show the user name

On the popup window:

You’ll want it to be like parent group’s USER’s name
(The parent group’s USER is set in the workflows)

Okay Thank You Very much for the help :slight_smile:

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