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Hi everyone,
I seem to have run into an issue and I can not seem to figure it out.

I have a RG that lists events17%20PM when the “players going” text is clicked a popup occurs showing the players who are going to the game.37%20PM the issue i am running into is when you then click cell of the popup RG I want another popup to occur showing the actual profile of the person in the cell.`

That is the part im having trouble with I cannot seem to get only one name to show on the second popup it shows all the names of people going to the event instead of focusing on just the one persons profile in the selected cell.

This tutorial may be helpful for you to watch: How do I create popups that only appear once (or under a certain condition)?

Effectively, for the second popup, you’re performing the same “display data in a popup” action, with the only difference being that you’re referencing the 2nd popup. (Note: instead of using two different popups, I’d recommend using one popup, but setting it up two different “tabs” within a single popup that have appropriate visible/not visible conditions).

Dan (Creator of LearnTo - 100+ tutorials for getting started with programming via Bubble).

I watched the video and still it shows the names of all the participants instead of just the one that was clicked on

It sounds like you’re sending the repeating group’s list of user’s first name(s). Rather, what you want to do is to send the current cell’s user’s first name.

If you provide screenshots of your workflows, that would help.

It seems that it does not give me an option to do the current cell how can i fix that?

The video I posted this morning should enlighten you a bit about the general technique you want to use.

Thanks @keith

@brownk78 let us know if you still have questions following watching @keith’s video. But I have a feeling that his video should clear things up.

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