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Help- Imgix processing not working

I’m noticing that Imgix processing isn’t working since last night (over 12 hours).

Suddenly, all of my pictures stopped fitting the element dimensions and there was no change on my part. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Similar instances have been reported in the past, but I am unable to see anyone writing about it including on Imgix’s website.

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Hmm looks like Imgix is working (, I don’t see any issues on my app

Thank you for your reply, will keep looking for solutions, images on all of my pages are not fitting the element dimensions. Is there a workaround without using Imgix?

@anuragsaiyan & @johnny , imgix is not working for me either on version-test or live despite the status on both & displaying imgix is operational.
I was going to submit as a bug, however, the dropdowns didn’t match accurately for what I’m seeing. Do either of you know who &/or how to escalate this issue to?


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Same here!!!

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I’ve got the same issue, could be tied to a recent fix that went live regarding race conditions with image dimensions. Has anyone submitted a bug report?

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Following Josh’s advice, we can also tag @bubble here to make sure the team knows about it and hopefully get eyes on it faster.


Hmm, it is over the weekend, filing a bug report is probably the best option for whoever is on call over the weekend to see. Maybe even tagging @josh ?

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Can also confirm this issue on my apps. Have also submitted a bug report.

Sucks because we had a small spike in users and they all came on to see some wonky resized pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm, this is strange, everything’s working fine for me, maybe it’s because I’m not using the resize feature, but enhance

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I’m definitely using the resize feature but it’s definitely not resizing in dev or live :slight_smile:

I only noticed the issue this am and also have not deployed a new version to live since 12.31.21

Hello @bubble can you please check this out and fix? thanks!

Before today’s issue:

screenshot before adding imgix w/resize to fit dims by cropping:
Screenshot 2022-01-08 7.19.38 PM~2

Before today’s issue:

screenshot after adding imgix w/resize to fit dims by cropping:

After today’s issue:

screenshot of issue imgix w/resize to fit dims by cropping. The image looks squished…

We’re looking into this now – sorry about the issues!

@dannyliu , what was the bug report number of the one you submitted? Trying to find it in our backend system to see why this wasn’t escalated sooner, but it’s not coming up searching for “imgix” or “resize”…


@ignytrr , sorry the bug report form was confusing – which part did you not know how to fill out? Will send the feedback to the team. @johnny is exactly right that the bug report form is the best bet in a situation like this; we have someone on-call over the weekend triaging new bug reports to detect this kind of situation (I’m only responding because I happened to check my forum notifications)


We’re deploying a fix – we expect it to be live in 10 - 15 minutes.

EDIT: still working on the fix, should be live in the next ~hour


[ update @josh answered above as I was typing in this post ]

Hi all, I decided to play around with the settings my app has been successfully using for months to achieve my desired result (see screenshot below) before this imgix issue came up yesterday.

I wanted to see if i could elicit my desired results with an alternate setting(s) and possibly narrow the focus for the @bubble team to look into.

  • I found by changing run mode rendering from “rescale” to “stretch”, the change formatted the picture back to my desired result.

I’m still in alpha w/a small group, so my customer impact is 0 and I’m not going through my entire app to temporarily change to “stretch” and verify it looks ok while waiting for a fix.

But for those of you who are live and have a critical image(s) to display, the run mode rendering setting change to “stretch” and verify it looks ok might work for you until this issue gets fixed.


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Hi @josh thanks for your reply and looking into it. I may have interpreted the bug report drop down wrong. Is “build an app” what I should have selected for this issue?? It seemed like a very high level choice at the time as I’m only working with a setting on an element…probably just the engineer in me :laughing:

Screenshot 2022-01-09 12.21.38 PM

Ah, yes, “build an app” is the right option. I’ll suggest to the team we drop the “build” verb: the goal of that dropdown is to sort reports into the 3 major buckets of nouns we deal with, apps, plugins, and accounts

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hey @josh,
Turns out I was pretty out of it yesterday and didn’t click the “Send report” button after filling out the form :sweat_smile:

shoutout to the @bubble team for getting on this. I’ve went ahead and implemented @ignytrr 's solution and set all the homepage images to stretch.



Hey everyone,

Thanks for the bug report! The behavior was caused by a small performance improvement I pushed on Friday, which I just reverted. You should see the behavior in your app go back to normal in the next few minutes as the fix rolls out to bubble servers!

Please let us know if you’re still encountering the problem