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Images not fitting all of a sudden

All images that show in any RG are just images processed with imgex. The originals are uploaded with an uploader in an admin.

Imgex. crops any image uploaded to fit perfect in the size I set for each image inside the RG regardless of what size image they upload. GREAT!!

This has been working wonders for months but with no changes been made…
all of a sudden on the live and dev version images are showing in the size/shape uploaded in.
e.g. Horizontal or landscape and & some dont fit to the border. it puts everything out of shape and look really ugly.

has this happened to anyone else??? any solutions

I am having the same problem, all images on all pages that were processed by Imgix, are now out of proportion. This is not an issue other users are facing neither has Imgix notified about this on their website. Please let me know if you find a work around or if it starts working

Same issue here, came here to check if others were having the same issue. Could be an internal API issue between Bubble and Imgix or an update by either party breaking functionality.

If you are still encountering the problem my solution was…

I had to apply stretch to every image processed with imagex to fix this. everything has been going good since.

Yes, this worked for me too. Thanks.

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