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Help locking my web-app to just mobile view?

Hey Bubblers :slightly_smiling_face: newbie here.

Is it pssoible to lock an app to 480×800… ?

I was thinking of making a directory web app but It’s only a MVP so I don’t really have the time to customise the design elements to make the app fully responsive. So i was thinking of locking (constraining) the app to a specific viewport so that when anyone accesses the app from a desktop they get a gentle remainder that says they need to use a mobile device to access the app.

Is any of this possible?

Please and thank you in advance for the help.

I’d recommend:

  • Building mobile and desktop pages (make sure to specify the mobile version on the desktop pages)
  • Only build out the mobile version, leave the desktop version blank
  • Add a “Page is loaded” event on the desktop versions where it checks the current browser width
  • Show a popup or text on the page letting the User know that the desktop version isn’t available now and to run the webpage on a mobile device

There may be some plugins that can help detect the browser width or type of device, too. There should be many ways to accomplish this need, just need to play around and see what you think works best!

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Oh T / nocodify, thank you so much. I hadn’t thought about this.

I appreciate the advice so much.