Help making a messaging service

Hey Bubblers! So for my first SaaS app, I want to build in a messaging system, so that users, after they choose a listing, can then message each other to figure out details. How would I go about making a basic messaging system? Thanks!

You’d need to create two data types:

  1. Thread (holds a list of messages and Users)

  2. Message (holds the message text)

  3. Add a data field to thread (Messages: List of Messages)

That’s the start. You’d then need to build out two repeating groups, one to hold the threads and one to hold messages with specificity to a thread. Lastly, the workflows to create threads/messages.

We have an in-depth tutorial for this at


Thanks Tal! However, I noticed that the course requires a premium subscription. I am sorry, but I cannot afford that.