Live messaging app

Hi guys I’m looking for a plugin I can use on my website for my visitors to chat amongst each other in groups.


Hi @nasgoldpros,

You can build this natively in bubble. You’d start off by building out your database design and then working towards the UI. The data types you’d need are 1) message 2) threads.

Then you’d like messages to threads.

We have an in-depth tutorial on this at… it’s pretty hard to outline exactly how to do it in one post. Maybe if you can elaborate more on what you’ve tried we can help better.


Hi Im looking for something like this where users can talk to each other.

Yep - so this would be a native build in bubble, using the methods I suggested above.

i dont even know where to start when i go to the database, can you please give me a link on

It’s the “Chat Messaging” tutorial.

Create an account, and head to the tutorials tab. Look for the “Chat Messaging” tutorial.

okay thank you let me go there.

I am looking for a messaging system to interact with my users. User can send message to me (Admin) and I should send reply or send message to specific user.

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