Help me make this workflow less clunky... (pls!)

I have a sign up flow where users can choose to enter their email/phone, or select a social account (Facebook Google).

My sign up flow is a single page multi-step form, which uses animation to hide show the previous next step.

My problem is that when the user selects to sign up with facebook, after they return from the facebook sign-up process they are represented with the sign up screen, then there is a 2 second delay before the next step is shown to them.

In testing this with a friend, it resulted in quite a reaction before them going, oh, wait, whats going on?

I want to avoid this…

Following is my workflow:

I’ve also uploaded a screen capture of the flow to youtube:

At the beginning I show you the behaviour of selecting phone/email and progressing to the next step, before kicking off the facebook flow.

What I’ve tried:

  • the following step (1b) is hidden on page load. I tried addition a condition to that group that says “if users Facebook is not null” this element is visible, and removed the animation from the workflow - but it’s still delayed.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Bump… :sweat_smile:

Use URL parameters instead of Hide/Show, and use the conditional to make a element visible based on the URL parameters.

Search forum for advice on single page apps and how to make elements visible or not, and you should find information on the use of URL parameters for that purpose.

Then when you do the facebook stuff, make sure the Redirect URI you give facebook includes the correct URL parameter for the view you want the user to see upon redirection.

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