Help need with Firebase

Hi, I need help with Firebase connection.
I have built an app and after a conversation with my lawyer so I need to use European servers. So we chose to use firebase but I got no idea how, where to start.

Is there anyone who is willing to give a hand?
Payment is possible if someone can help me out.

I can see that you haven’t tried the search yet, but it’s okay - I got that for you.

Just a simple search for “Firebase” will pull up a lot of information, also I think I have seen some stuff on YouTube for it. It’s pretty typical API.

Hi, I did searched and read a few posts and documentation about firebase. Since my project is very complex, its not enough with a simple “trial and error” unfortunately.

What you want to do is lookup how you link API.

There is no SURE guide on telling you how to do what you need to do, only segments in which will help you get closer to your over-all goal. That’s at least what I have found.

I do know there are many guides on linking API with Bubble, and it can be extensive. If you need some consulting on how you should setup your backend, I might be able to help you out, also many of the members here have also been your shoes.

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I am familiar with the fire base API. I am also familiar with building a plug-in that can do CRUD activities.

What kind of specific questions do you have?

Learning to harness the power of a JavaScript API will help you :rocket: :crescent_moon:


Thank you for the reply!

I need help with basic CRUD functions but also with security measures.

My app is a bit complex, I understood that API setup should be the first faze, there are plenty of guides online on how to set up API.
But when it comes to Firebase, I will need this functions:

  • User Auth
  • CRUD
  • Security
  • Hosting in EU

I’m very new to JavaScript (very very very new) and got a bit overwhelmed over all the information out there. With another words, there are no specific tutorials on how to set up Bubble and Firebase, make it secure and do all the functions that Bubble database is capable of. I got so many questions and I don’t know where to start. :frowning:

I have seen a few plugins that allows API connection with Firebase like:

  • Firebase Authentication Connector
  • Firebase Authenticate
  • Firebase Storage
  • etc

What do I need? Where can I find tutorials or more information how to make firebase work with bubble? Thank you for all the guidence!

You will need a middle man to link it (like Zapier, or Integromat) and make most of it seamless. It takes a lot of little tutorials here and there to find the bigger picture.

This will teach you the basics of Auth, some CRUD.

What you want to do is create your backend operations with Firebase, then link the API (with API connector) to populate your data. To sync your Tables, you’ll want to use a middle man like Zapier, or Integromat.

And honestly, you should have a look at Xano. They are fantastic with Data management, and you don’t need to know any code to create any functions, it’s all there for you.

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Firebase is a standalone solution. You will not need Zapuer or intrgromat because all your data and authentication can be housed in the EU on Firebase servers.

You will want to learn the basics of using real-time listeners, and locking down data buckets with authentication rules

Doing so will require knowledge or use of JavaScript. Do you feel like this is something that you can accomplish? If not, are you interested in hiring a third-party to help you?


He is right, but if you look into Xano, you may start to think otherwise. There are multiple solutions out there for your ideal interest.

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Since at the moment we are just trying to get the MVP out there with 5 clients on the way in I will definitely need to hire people to manage, build and scale the application in the future. At the moment I am just trying to make is as GDPR friendly… It is a freaking nightmare for a HTML and CSS kinda of guy to get into the world of DB and API and so on…

Thank you for all the help!

I will definitely look at Xano. It seams like a valuable solution. Thank you!