Read data from Firebase

Hell All, I store much of my data in Firebase database, and I need to be able to read and write data in Firebase. I know that I have to use API connector, but unsure what values to enter below:

I was also able to get below json from Firebase.


Through this API I want to extract values from a table in Firebase and populate it.

Anyone help figure out what I need to enter above?



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Sounds like you may want to brush up on API basics. Check out this link (and the software called Postman):

In your case, Firebase’s database API reference will help you setup your request:

Make sure your GET request is working correctly in Postman first, then copy over the settings (headers, parameters, etc.) into Bubble’s API connector.

THanks Supernaturally. Is there anyway I can figure out what settings to put without using yet another software (i.e. Postman)? :slight_smile:

I guess not a lot of people are using external database in bubble…

Perhaps using the Firebase plugin would be easier for your situation?

Hi I am also facing the same problem as you. Did you manage to resolve your issue by any chance?

Will this be faster than Bubble’s database? I’m working on a freelance platform that uses a lot of dynamic data. Is Bubble’s database a Real-time Database?

Hi, I can’t tell you about the performance because I haven’t tried this solution but about the other question “is bubble’s database realtime”, it is, but beware that if you’re using expressions the values may not be updated in realtime, example : do a search for.first item.something.truncate
In my experience this kind of expression might fail to update in real-time.

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im facing exact same problem as you
any updates?