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Help needed building my first app, multiline input, get data from external API

Hey everyone,

I am new here and building my first app but I am running into some trouble.

Basicly I want to build an app that compares 2 lists of URLS and matches those that have matching data. To do this I am using blockspring with the Alchemy API to get the text from the urls webpages. I want to match the texts from the API to find the matches (complete or partial with a threshold level, e.g. a 75% match) and then match the urls to be able to output a csv with the matching URLS.

With that in mind (which is obviously far away from completion) I am trying to build a prototype for my app and running into some trouble.

I was able to build my app to the point where I am able to add an URL to the database and download the webpage’s text into the database via the API. I’ve used the multiline input but it only works with one URL. With multiple URLS it returns an error.

How would I best solve my problem?

Any suggestions for building my app are also welcome.

Sorry if I am asking any stupid questions.

Thanks in advance!

Bubble doesn’t do iteration well.

Maybe you could just compare the text of each new URL you download to everything that’s already in the database and make a note of any >75% matches.