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I just noticed that BlockSpring is now available as a plugin, very exciting!!!
But, I can’t quite figure out how to use it in Bubble. I’ve setup a test and with BlockSpring’s Google Spreadsheet query. I want to display those results on a group repeater but to no avail. The one thing that really confuses me is the “Data Type” settings for the BlockSpring Plugin, there’s a Product and Price but those aren’t necessarily types that could be returned from the BlockSpring Google Sheet Query. Can you explain that and how I should go about displaying a BlockSpring data return on Bubble?
I’ve uploaded a .gif of my settings and can’t figure out what else I could do to display that query.

(the Blockspring plugin is still under development, and we’re actively working with the Blockspring team to fix some aspects - disclaimer ;))

The general spirit is that Blockspring returns, in edit mode, a description of the values you’re getting back from the block, and that’s what we have in the data type popup. This is a way to enable people to refine types if the types aren’t set properly.

Looking at your app (the gif), it looks fine Bubble-wise, the issue is more in what returns blockspring with this block. Can you try in their console and see if it works. If so, paste a result sample here and we’ll take it from there.

This new integration brings so many new possibilites. Great job here, really !

If I create my own blocks (located in Blockspring’s Favorites) with specific inputs, can I add it in my Bubble’s list of blocks ?
I just did a test and I couldn’t find it the plugin’s list. Or it’s under development maybe.

It should, though I can’t confirm this yet (it’s actually a question for the Blockspring side). We’ll check.

So we don’t have that returned yet, but we’ll have in a few days.

All right. That’s great because I saw some additionnal interesting blocks in which are not listed with the defaut API list.

I was just using the default block setting for GoogleSheets. If I run it in BlockSpring it works fine.
The google Sheet url is

And the query parameter I had was Select *

When I run those parameters at It returns data fine

Can share a link to your app in run mode?

@Blake. I would like to be able to import lists of Products. I tried like you did but did not succeed.

Here my test on the public forum’s app anyone can edit :

May we do the change in this page so we can all get the solution.

Here you go, let me know if this will work for you.

I can’t see anything actually

Sorry, this link should do it…

That’s an issue on our end when you’re using the default value that blockspring gives (here the URL). We’ll deploy a fix today. But you use your own sheet that should work fine.

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I replaced the Google Sheets url with one I created ( ), tested it in BlockSpring (worked fine) and entered it in my project but no go.

For what it’s worth I copied the inspector from that element and what’s peculiar is that the Product and Price show up empty:

*EvaluatorQuery Google SpreadsheetAPI providerQuery Google SpreadsheetQuerySELECT URL Google Spreadsheet: Query Google Spreadsheet - 0: Product: (empty) Price: (empty)

So the issue is that now the data type returned by blockspring is different because it’s a different sheet (no product/price in your sheet). I’ll check with the Blockspring team for that, the issue is on their end, as we retrieve the types dynamically, and their data isn’t up to date.

On the other hand, if you have the columns Product/Price, you should be able to see your data.

Yes indeed that worked when I added a Product and Price Column to the sheet!
So if I understand right, ideally the product types should be dynamically displaying my column headers from the sheet?
If so then that means we’d only be able to display two types of data from that specific BlockSpring?

Yes, and that’s something that Blockspring will have to fix (so can’t promise when for this)

Thank you!
And to verify this API would be limited to two data types or Column Headers as it is in this case?

Well they should be able to have this dynamically, with as many columns as you have in your sheet, but again, this part isn’t really on our end.