Help Needed: Changing pie series color on Bubble Chart.js

Hi all,

I really need assistance changing the series colors for the Bubble official Chart.js plugin using the Donut element.

The Style is exposed only for line, not pie/donuts so we’re left with the default color setup as below:

Any idea how I can change these colors? Happy to pay to get this done asap if it needs custom work.

Ideally I’d get it done with the Bubble official plugin as the GroupBy doesn’t seem to work with the other Chart.js plugins (see below):

Any ideas @Bubble @ZeroqodeTeam or anyone who can help?

Thanks in advance


So do you want to change the colors of each section?

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Yes correct


So there is not any option to change it? Because that seems really weird. You could try another plugin.

Tried all of them but I can’t find one that works with groupings of data.

Yep no option to change the section colors for Donut chart, only line chart in the Bubble plugin

If nobody else has already, this doesn’t sound too complicated and is something I could probably add to my chart plugin this week!

Imma help you out @help!


If you would like I can make a copy of the plugin and change the colors. If so what colors would you like?

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Thanks a lot Nathan,

Is the plugin Copyable? It’s the official Bubble one so not sure if you’re allowed to do so?

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Thanks Jared, which plugin did would you change? I’ll take a look at it and see if I can get it to display the data I need first

I’ll go check.

Any chance you can link the plugin? (There might not be a link I wasn’t sure.)

Hey @help, sent you PM.

This is the one I have 99% done and working, but no color change. It doesn’t actually have a shareable link:

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I think I have a way to find it be right back.

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Hey @NathanJones,

Thanks a lot but please don’t worry- I’ve just found a plugin (Zeroqode Charts) that lets me do it and is working!

Thanks so much for your help here


Ok thats great! Have a good one!

Zeroqode for the win!

I still want to add this in! Thanks for the inspiration!

Hi All! Was there ever a resolution found for this? We are using this to create a modular dashboard with an undefined set of series. The functionality works great, but the pie chart colors are not on brand.

Any help is appreciated!