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Different colors in chart

How do I get more series in a chart object, to be able to have different colors on different bars?

This is not something we support yet.

Is this something that is been worked on in development or a long way off ?

It’s not for the very near future, sadly.

Hi @emmanuel, do you know if it will soon be possible to choose colors for doughnut chart type ? because currently, we don’t have at all the choice of colors for this type of chart, so although the feature works perfectly, it’s frustrating not to have the option to make it fit our visual identity.

By the way, is it possible to customize plugins: have access to the code to make some adjustments ?

Thank you to all the Bubble team, I’m very grateful for the opportunity you offer to non-coders!

This one is a bit of a problem in terms of UX, since we don’t know how many entries a chart can have. We’ll think about it, but no plan in the short term, sorry.