Help Needed! RG is only filtering the first item from the multidropdown

I’m really stuck on something that ( I think!! ) should be so simple. I want the repeating group to be filtered and NOT show the items ( more than one ) in the multi drop down.

I can only manage this the one multi-drop down item, but if I add more it just doesn’t work. I’ve played around with items from, items until etc etc but nothing seems to work.

SO this next picture shows it working - with only one option chosen… ( I’ve asked it to EXCLUDE ) anything with Name CB next to it;

But then when I add another item to exclude… it doesn’t work :pensive:

Any help would be greatly appriciated as I have spent hours trying all sorts and nothing has worked! Thanks

Hi there, @emma.heslop… one way to do what you have described is to use an advanced filter. So, you would remove the constraint you are showing in the third screenshot and add the :filtered operator to the end of your repeating group’s data source/search. Then, add a constraint to the filter and select the Advanced option from the dropdown. Finally, construct an expression that looks something like Advanced: This CRM Data's Company Lead Status intersect with MultiDropdown MultiDropdown Choice's value:count is 0.

Oh, and just food for thought, but if it was me, I would likely use an option set to define the multidropdown’s options, and I would create a new Company Lead Status field that is linked to the option set. If you aren’t familiar with option sets, definitely check them out because they are super useful.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the help on this! Really appriciated as it’s been driving me crazy.

I’ve tried following the steps but have hit a problem - Please see pic - any suggestions?

Get rid of the doesn’t contain part. You should be able to construct the expression exactly as I have it in my initial response.

the word intersect doesn’t show as an option after that first line " Advanced: This CRM Data’s Company Lead Status " - Any idea why that might be?

What is the field type of Company Lead Status?

It’s just a text field.

Oh, wait… can Company Lead Status only have one value? I assumed it was a list.

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Company Lead Status is a just a text value, not a list - However it’s defined by only a select few options on a dropdown when created.

If that field can only have one value, it makes things easier, but I would go the option set route at this point.

If you create an option set to define the options for the multidropdown and you create a new Company Lead Status field that is tied to the option set (but is not a list), then a simple constraint on the repeating group’s data source/search will do the trick (that is, you don’t need an advanced filter). The constraint would be Company Lead Status isn't in Multidropdown Multidropdown Choice's value.

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I’ve done it and this has worked! Great to know about linking the options sets for next time as well.

Thanks very much :grinning:

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