Help Needed - Will Pay Developer for Facebook API Help

This is what I’m trying to do:

User logs in to Facebook from my App
User chooses a Facebook page they own
User posts to the pre-selected Facebook page from Bubble app

(If possible to post to their main profile page that would be ideal, but it looks like that’s no longer an option)

Please give me the price and how long this will take. I am a Bubble Developer and everything is pretty much setup, however, I do not know how to work with the Facebook API very well. From my experience, I feel like this should cost <$100 but please let me know price and timeline.


Hi! we are a Bubble development agency, and we would be really set to offer you a paid service, but since you said you know Bubble platform. Have you already tried the “Complete Facebook plugin”?

I think it does everything you are requesting.

Check it out:


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Thanks for the quick reply. I have looked into the Complete Facebook Plugin, but there is ZERO documentation on how to get it to work.

The Facebook has a good documentation. So, try to configure it up using examples from Bubble plugins.
You need to implement it using authorization type “OAuth2 User-Agent Flow”. After just get calls from the free Bubble plugin and set them into your app.


Hi Seth,
Please check PM.

Sadly for the author, that plugin was made almost entirely redundant by the major changes Facebook made last year.

I won’t repeat myself from the other post, but yes it is possible. It is a a bit technical, but probably the hardest bit is getting your app authorised by Facebook for the permissions. That can take months.

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