Automatically share your posts to specific facebook page?

Hi, let say i build a website where i can add articles but i want it to be automatically posts also to my facebook page after publishing the articles is it possible? if yes how can i do that and is there a plugin i can use for that?

Yes you could potentially use the zapier API integration, and start a zap that would post your article to facebook. This could be done by triggering a workflow once an article instance is added …

hmm is there something else i can use aside from zapier? because i think i need to pay zapier for that

there is a Facebook Complete Plugin that lets you post to facebook, but I haven’t used it. And yes zapier would be a paid service you are right

yes i know that plugin but i’m not sure what to put in the fields except Page Name


You could do this using the Buffer Plugin too. You will need to setup a buffer account and link it with the Facebook Page.

great thank you will check this out

already tried it but its giving me an error of “provided access tokens is invalid”

i just add the access tokens, client id and secret keys provided by Buffer

Have you set the callback URL/redirect URI correctly during registration? Are you able to login/sign up with the buffer account on your app? Once you are able to do that, you should be able to post to that profiles queue using the workflow action.

Please follow the instructions to set the plugin correctly from the plugin page.

Hope this helps.

yes i set the callback url as the domain itself

Just in case anyone else comes across this question … hopefully this will save them DAYS of pain…

If you authenticate with Facebook via oauth2 you get an access token. All good.

However that token is NOT the token for a page.

What you need to do is take your token, get the FB user using the token, and in there is an array of all the pages the user is admin for.

And for each page is an access token. That is the token that allows you to post to a page.


@NigelG could you explain this further? Are you saying that’s the access token that we place in the Facebook Complete plugin workflow? I’m authenticating using Bubble’s signup/login with Facebook feature, I can’t seem to find a way to get the users access token? I’m trying to allow users to post to pages they own via my app after logging in, any help would be appreciated.

No, not that one.

When you authenticate with Facebook OAUTH you will get an access token.

What that token can do is dependant on the scopes you asked for. You will have to jump through a lot of hoops with Facebook (including recording a video of your app in action, and providing all sorts of company details) before you will even get that permission. The plugin may not even have requested it in the first place, so beware.

But that token (even with the right scope) will not work on “share to page”.

You need to do a further call to the facebook profile to get a list of pages that this particular user is admin of, and each one has their own token.

You then need to call the share api with THAT token.

The Facebook token you get to start is not refreshable, so if you managed to get a long lived one will probably only live for 90 days before the user needs to re-authenticate.

TL;DR - what you want to do is really hard. If it is absolutely at the core of your app, then have a look at using a third party service ( for example)

Although I have now realised that you probably don’t mean PAGE you mean FEED ?

The above is just for a particular PAGE (pages and groups being separate to User Feed/Timeline).


You can’t post to a User’s timeline.

@NigelG I am very close to accomplishing this! I am able to log the user in, pull in a list of their pages, and I have managed to post to a static facebook page. However, I cannot yet post to a page of their choice because when I pull the list of pages it doesn’t appear to be pulling in the page’s access token?? This is the call I am making to get the page data.

Oh…Is that access token being returned the page access token?..I feel dumb

Yup :slight_smile:

Note the paging cursors. You may need to deal with them, but it is not too hard once you get the concept.

Just wondering if you ever ran into this @NigelG . Suddenly when I try retrieve the users pages via the API I get this error:

Here’s what’s strange, it only happens the very first time I run the Get Pages API for a user, and then if you run it again it works. But it happens EVERY time the first time. Any solutions? Does this have anything to do with paging cursors?

No, never seen that.

I quick look on StackOverflow suggests it could be something to do with the “limit=x” parameter.

Or could be that the userid is not there. Are you using the /me/ edge ?

Using the same as that screenshot above from a couple of days ago. “/me/accounts” It’s strange that it only does it the first time I run the call and not the 2nd time. So it doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the call, just something wrong in the flow??

Also tried with limit=2 parameter and doesn’t fix it.