Help! NO found 【Preview】

On Bubble,behind the【Development】no found 【Preview】function,who knows the reason,please tell me,Thanks.

Hi @afeng10520, welcome to Bubble!

There is no Preview button for API Workflows or Reusable Element.

Thanks for your reply,but the problem not be solved,maybe have other solve ways,thanks again.

Paste a full screenshot, so a better solution can be identified

The full screenshot had updated,thanks for your advice.

In the preview you are editing a reusable item. You need te be on a page to see the preview function.

yeh,but now have no see【preview】function,I can not see it on a page.

Hi @afeng10520,

what the others are trying to hint you at is the following:

Preview function not available:

Preview function available:

Therefore, you have to take these simple steps:

  1. Click in the upper left hand corner of the editor
  2. Select the page where you display the reusable element.
  3. Click preview

In case you got lost on a reusable “page” and actually want to create a normal page:

  1. Mark all the elements on the canvas as of your screenshot
  2. Right click them & click “copy with workflows”
  3. Add a new page
  4. On that new page do right click “paste with workflows”
  5. Hit the now available preview function
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It’s great ! Perfect solved my trouble!
thank you very much.

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