Reusable header not appearing in preview

Hi, I have numerous pages with a reusable element as the Header, and have a strange pattern where it disappears from one page in preview mode, but is still visible in the editor for that and other pages, and for other pages in preview. I’ve screenshot the attached:

  • Top tab is the blue banner header in preview mode on one page
  • Middle tab is the banner in editor for page service_provider
  • Bottom is tab is preview mode of service_provider with no banner, just message “Deleted reusable element”

Is this a glitch, a corruption, or something I’ve caused? It’s never happened before, but has happened twice today (first time ‘went away’)

Help appreciated



Hey there @bruce.mcvicar,

Have you filed a bug report for the Bubble Team to investigate?

Hi Johnny, if there’s no other explanation, I’ll do that. The banner has reappeared again, so it feels a bit like a glitch or server instability, which is all a bit unusual. I’ve found Bubble really stable to date.

So I’m seeing the top blue bar when I go to that exact URL -

File a bug report and then monitor the situation. If it’s only on that page (and if it keeps happening to your clients), I’d turn it into a non-reusable element JUST for that page until Bubble is able to fix the issue.

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