Help on excel uploads

HI All

After some advise on how to accomplish the below (if it is possible in Bubble or third party software).

As a company we receive “briefs” in a variety of formats/layouts from all our clients, with an excel sheet format been the most popular type.

These excel sheets have several different layouts depending on the client, but ultimately they generally have the same information, just in different columns/rows etc.

Is there a third party tool/service or method to allow the user to upload their excel brief. When uploaded it would then go to some other tool to transform the excel data into a “standard format”. This then would then need to come back into bubble as new rows.

Wasn’t sure if exceljs was available as a service or if anyone else has had a similar problem and how they resolved it. Appreciate this is “no code”, but bubble is so easy to setup the website of things.


I resolved it by having a downloadable ‘template’ file the user can download to then enter their data into the template for it to be in the proper format required to then upload it to my Bubble database

There are also free plugins like 1T CSV uploader that will allow your users to map the columns of their excel sheet to the data fields of the database prior to uploading their file

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