Pre-sale question. will buuble be right for us?

hello. i’d like to know if this can be done with bubble
let’s say i have an excel file. this excel file have some fields to be filled. i want the user to fill some data on a bubble page and the click download. when he clicks download, the data he entered on the page will go inside the excel file and then the file start downloading.
is this doable ?
we’re a sales company and currently we’re filling the data manually and this would help us a lot.

Hi! Yes, what you explain is a very viable thing to build in Bubble, it lends itself very nicely to building CRM-like systems or handle specific workflows. I bet that if you would start with it, you’d be building out way beyond what you initially anticipated (ie: you may end up not even needing the Excel file in the end, because you can handle the following steps inside Bubble).

While there is no native Excel export functionality built into Bubble, you can still achieve creating and filling an Excel file through the ecosystem of Bubble plugins, built by the community.

Here is one example of such a plugin and an example page using it:

I have not worked with Excel exporting in Bubble myself, but from using custom code, I know Excel is quite a complex concept, so you may or may not get all the features you need from a plugin like this (for example, cell formatting).

Good luck!

I created an app recently where the user filled up a form and the data was exported into excel. This was a csv file and used Eli’s plugin for this.

So yeah bubble is more than suitable for your use case.