Help : Option sets manipulation

Hello friends!
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My English is not too good but I hope you can understand me well…
I need help to display some options sets and limit them by applying constraints on their attributes.

For example, I have this option sets in my app: months, with tree attributes:

In front, I create a repeating group called RG Winter Season with data type: months (option sets) and want to show inside, only months where season = winter

Is there an easy way to do it ??

You can select all option sets of type month and add the filter operator to get the desired list

The filter operator doesn’t work correctly on option sets. You can try by your side

That is odd. It definitely should be working.

Have you tried clicking on ‘Constraint:’?

On my end it generally auto-selects the Constraint: option.

what is the source data before the filter?

All options sets (my desired option sets)

this :point_up_2: