Can't do advanced filters on Option Sets

There’s no advanced filters for option sets?


I think you are automatically set to advanced filtering in Option set.

Trying to make a change to a list of employees, and it won’t let me select “This employee” in the option sets filter

Can you show the list of options you have when you click in the red box?

Yep, here it is

You have This choice, choose this first. And you will be able to select attributes So probably something like This choice’s employee

An employee is not an attribute. Something I would need is closer to "This employee’s X:converted to number is This Choice’s Y. I used something else so this isn’t a problem anymore but pretty sure it’s a limitation

I think I understand a little bit more from your last screenshot.
You are using this directly in the constraint of Employee. I will not say it’s a limitation because the filtered work correctly on the thing you are (option set). It work correctly.
But you want to filter employee in the end.
So if you use advanced on employee:filtering instead, you will be able to do what you need probably.

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Trying to make a change to a list of employees, and it won’t let me select “This employee” in the option sets filter

You’re filtering a list of Choices (not employees) - you can only select ‘This employee’ when you’re filtering a list of employees.

What exactly are you trying to do here?

Filter the list of Employees? Or filter the list of choices that you want to set the Employee’s Choice field to?

Because, from your screenshot, currently you’re filtering the list of choices, that you’re setting the Employee field to.

If you’re trying to filter the list of choices (the option set), what are you filtering the list of choices to be? Isn’t there an easer way to select the particular choice you want? (i.e. just select it directly, or refer to something else on the page or DB?)

Or, if you do need to filter the choices then, use ‘This choice’ = whatever you want it to equal.

If you want to filter the list of employees then you need to add the filter to that, not the field you’re trying to change on that list. Then you can refer to ‘This Employee’ in an advanced filter on the Employee list.

We decided not to use option sets, just the database. But yes, we were trying to filter the choices, based on the individual employee’s current field that matches the choice.

The complication came out of converting numbers to option sets since they’re a text field, so we were trying to get each employee’s choice (number) and switch it to the option set (text). What we did instead was we just added a text field in the database instead of using the option sets.

It would have been easier to use option sets, but in this case we stuck to the database.