HELP: Privacy Rules Stop me from modifing database?

I tried to simplify the problem I have and here the example I came up with:

Transfer “money” between users. (Not real money, just a record/counter in the database)

I have two types of users: a Buyer and a Seller. They both have a column in the datatable called “Money”.

Buyers sends 20 euros to seller.

Create a workflow for the buyer that searches for the seller and adds 20 to seller money.
Seller money = seller money + 20

Privacy rules stop me: in the privacy rules is defined that the buyer can not see the seller money of course. So how do i make the transfer?

Just removing the privacy rule is not an option. A buyer can not have access or see the money balance of a seller.

I hope I was clear :slight_smile:

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@hoppeverywheresito You can achieve this using Backend workflows, just make sure you check the ‘Ignore Privacy Rules’ checkbox. So move your actions from the frontend, where your privacy rules correctly prevent the buyer/seller seeing each other’s details, and move it to a backend workflow you then trigger via Schedule API workflow actions.

That way the privacy rules stay in tact, and the transfer happens securely on the server side!

If that helps, please do mark as solution. I’m also happy to implement that for you and record a quick video after to explain the system so you can do it in future - would likely be $65


Thank you man! I completely missed this bubble chapter :sweat_smile:
Now that I know I will need to move most of my workflows there :blush:

Wish you a great day!

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Awesome! No worries - it’s super powerful and adds the benefit of speed as well: your user won’t need to wait for the actions to finish so it’s great for large actions that usually would be slow to run on the frontend.

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