Privacy Rules take time to get updated?

Hi Folks,

Facing a very weird challenge. I had added privacy rules to my app 2 days back. Today, one of our users reached out saying he isn’t able to move forward on a page.

On detailed analysis, I could only come to the realisation that this is happening because of the privacy rules. So i went ahead and removed them from the different data types.

However, the app is still showing the same behavior.

More Context: One of the rules was allowing the Admin to search the database. So when I login from admin account, the app is working fine. When I do it from a User account, it doesnt work. That’s how I figured this is a data privacy thing.

Anyone knows if it takes a while to get updated?

Thanks guys! <3

Not here. For me, was always immediate.

But, if the user is not admin, why did he should be able to move forward? What was the rule that you deleted to allow him to continue?

Hey @rpetribu – what I am trying to say is that, even after removing all rules – non admins arent able to see certain data fields in the system. Leading to them getting stuck.

Please note: No privacy rules are currently active on the Data Type Invoice in my system. It’s still only working for Admins, and not for Users.

I think its a bug.


Is your “Invoice” database connected to any other database? Like “Users”, “Order” and etc? If yes, did you already check these other databases`s privacy rules?