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Help qr code generator

HI all, Im using colour qr code generator because it’s free. i don’t mind paying for a better qr generator if it solves my problem.

After generating the qr code, in the users admin page. I can’t understand why it disappears when the page is refreshed. this happens even if you leave the page and then re-visit it.
I am hoping to have a user generate a qr code in their admin page . but have it displayed on a promotions page. when it’s scanned it shows the promotion in the way of text.

but because it isn’t saving the QR image or if it is I don’t know where? I have nothing to reference it from?? any help or some help please, thank you.

Hey :wave: @b.goldsworthy01,

I hope I will be able to help you later this week. I am trying to see if I can help in-between sessions for you. I use the QR code plugin a lot and it works really well.

You just need to save it to your database. If you are displaying it, that means you can save it too. Just add a workflow to save the data from the previous step into your database somewhere in the next step. You should be able to see a “Result from step…” in the step following the creation of the QR code. That way you can save the image.

I hope to have more time so I can do an example for you. Maybe in a few days when I get a bit more time. :blush: Don’t give up! You are almost there! :raised_hands:

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Thank you for your time j805, I must be doing something wrong here, I have attached the current workflows I am running at the moment. Maybe you can correct me or spot the issue, I am still experiencing the same problem.
I generate the code but upon refresh it will no longer be visible causing me to have to re-generate the same qr code. even if it is saving this will cause confusion among members. I need it to stay there until the qr is updated by generating a new code with a new promotion attached to it. this will simply replace the old code.

Hey @b.goldsworthy01 :wave:

If my memory is correct, I think there is another workflow that says something like, when a QR code image is saved. Not a step, but a workflow. Can you try clicking on add another workflow and see if there is an option that says something like, ‘When a QR code image was created’ or something like that?

I don’t think you can save it from within the same workflow because it takes a few seconds for it to generate. Your saving to the current user is probably blank right? I can try to take a screenshot for you in a few hours, but I think there is a separate workflow that you need to do the saving to your database in.

Will try to post a screenshot for you soon.

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@b.goldsworthy01 Here it is, so click ‘Click here to add an event’ to add another workflow called ‘ColourQRCode A is saved’ then save the QR code in this workflow.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you so so much @j805 it worked like a charm.

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Glad it helped! :blush: QR Codes are pretty fun to work with. There’s a lot you can do with them.

yeah so I have herd, im new to using qr codes. I realise there are two types of qr codes, dynamic and static. From my research I would like to use dynamic codes.
Are these codes dynamic? and if so how do I track and store the data from each qr scanned? such as the location of the ‘scan’ , the number of ‘scans’ , what time the ‘scans’ took place, as well as the operating system of the device used.
Is this possible using This information would be emailed to each member as a breakdown for the previous months usage. I feel it is crucial to provide the user with this detailed information as each business is charged per each scan that takes place. Also
Is it possible to have a live qr counter inside there admin? which updates each time the page is refreshed? curious.
Thank you for your insights @J805 And I apologize if i’m taking up to much of your time.

Hey @b.goldsworthy01 :wave:

You can definitely do dynamic data with QR Codes. It will be difficult to explain all of this in a post but I will do my best. I might have some time this week in between sessions to help explain some of this for you.

Talk soon. :blush: