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Help Required : Link Preview

Hello Friends,

I am facing a peculiar problem

I am making a social bookmarking platform.
There are 2 API’s available to provide metadata from URL’s to present to the user.
I am just pulling image, title and description.

The problem :

  • One of the API’s is not able to pull metadata from “”. This is the economical one.

  • The other is able to pull metadata from all sites tried. But they charge per api calls after a limit, and it is getting too expensive.

Help Needed :
Is it possible that i use the economical API one for all link previews, and am somehow able to
use the expensive one just for “

Since users will be adding the links themselves, its not possible to segregate them at an input level, also medium providing custom domains to some accounts doesnt allow us to segregate by checking just the domain.

Please help

A workflow to detect when the metadata is not loading, and then pushing the other API might work

But i cant figure how to execute this

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