Help setting up Data Types (first time user)

This is my first time using Bubble - apologies if this is a noob question :crazy_face:

I’m setting up my database and wanting to see if this is correct? Image attached.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 15.59.49

Example is a business which logs in to a dashboard and can see a list of its customers. A customer can login and see their profile, which is associated to that business (has some documents for them to view & download on their profile)

Do I need to add both ‘Business’ and ‘Customer’ as separate Data Types, or just let the customer come under the ‘User’ and associate them with a ‘Business’ as a field.

And if a business is uploading documents, do I create a ‘Document’ Field Name within the ‘Business’ Data Type, or would I create a separate Data Type for Documents and then associate that with ‘Business’.

Thank you.

hi stvn,

do you plan to have the businesses as well as also customers login? if only businesses login/use your app. e.g. to save customer records/info/stats then customers can be a new field and makes it easier to manage users vs customer things for you.

do you want people to do a lot of things with documents e.g. upvote documents or save different types of documents or versions or count their views ? then create a new datatype document with fields like file (file or list of files), nr of views (type nr), downloads etc. otherwise each business having a list (or a few lists of files) is fine.

generally, as you said associating things is as you have it mapped out. pm me and I can send you a video link to help you understand databases on bubble.


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