Help - Storing a radio button value (yes/no)

Hey everyone,

Basic question - I’m creating a simple survey form which emails the input out to myself.

I have several text input forms whose results I have no problem getting to save / send. The challenge is with radio buttons, I’d like the value (checked / unchecked, or yes vs. no) to be stored and sent, but I’m unable to figure out how to set this up.

For example, here’s what the text inputs look like (which work fine):

However, when I reference the radio buttons, there is no way to set them = to their value, only to be checked or unchecked:

Any suggestions? Thanks!

You are referencing a checkbox, not a radio button.

Radio buttons return the text value of their label. “Checkbox I am interested in” must be a checkbox.

EDIT: Did you give your Radio Button element a strange name or something? Go and edit that so you can find it more easily.

Thanks for clariying the radio button vs. checkbox…though based on your description I think I still need to be using the checkbox.

I’m trying to save form submissions, ie:

Name --> [text]

Are you interested in XYZ – > yes / no [checkbox]

I assumed I could call on that value as I would for any other field, ie, ‘User Interested = checkbox’s value’ or something along that logic.

Do you have any idea how I can achieve the same outcome?

Im sure this is very basic, just can’t seem to figure it out!

Yeah, just select the dang option. (“Is checked” means “return yes for checked”. “Is not checked” means “return yes for unchecked.” It’s a built in boolean inverse, see?)

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Yup, that worked, thank you.

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