Help structuring well my data

Hi all!

Working on a marketplace alike project where people can both search for shops or search for products and identify the shops selling that particular item. Some shops sell the same items, but with different prices.

At scale, there might be something in the range of 200.000 unique products, most of which with a different price times the number of shops selling that specific product. The number of SKU (same product, different price) could easily go in the range of millions.

To complicate things up :slight_smile: I need to keep track of who sells what as I am going my user the possibility to save a set of products (similar to a Shopping Cart) and from there retrieve the shops selling all products in “Cart”.

How would it be better to structure my data for efficiency?

Hi again,

if no-one feels to take over the question, may I ask whether there is a limit of the numer of items that can be stored in a single DB cell?
In the case above mentioned, if one store has multiple (thousands) entries under the created “product sold” column.

Hope this simplify the initial question.

Thanks a lot!

Yes. That is 10,000.

As to whether you want to store 9,999 … that is a different question !