Help to create an text/emoji input plugin


I need an emoji input for an app and I noticed that others bubblers asked for it as well.
It would actually be very basic (a multiline input that enables the user to insert emojis in the text he is typing) but yet, I didn’t find any plugin like this.

I tried to import to bubble some open source code (through an html element), which works well but I could not avoid some annoying limitations.

Here is a link to a test page that I documented as clearly as possible and where I explain the limitations I encountered:

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Would any bubbler be up for creating such a plugin (using this code if it helps)?

@stolzj19, @keith, @seanhoots, @AliFarahat, @fayewatson, @sudsy, @dambusmedia, @mishav, @gaurav, @jarrad

I specify that I don’t master at all javascript, I had to make a lot of tests to get to that result, still imperfect. The difficulty lies in the combination of bubble elements with custom code.
With a very limited knowledge of javascript, it’s not easy to know how to interconnect bubble elements with external code. That’s why a plugin would really help to simplify and unify this.


Thank you @lantzgould @Jici

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