Help us make people happier: Map question for developers

Hi Community,

Rich and Henry here - trying our hand at building a really exciting and ground breaking App to tackle Social Isolation and Loneliness.

Can anyone offer step by step guidance on how to create a Map in bubble (a bit like Uber) that:

  1. Shows approximate position markers of nearest 10 other App users on a map
  2. Then greys over to request that you register to get further access

Screen shots below, any advice welcome.

The grey over part I have managed to work out. It’s just how to get the Google API to show other users. Any clues appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can plot a list of geographic points on the map. For that, you’ll need to save user’s current geographic location whenever they access the app.

If you wish to run that in the background, then you’ll need to use the phone’s GPS capability and update user’s location so that you can show it on the map. I am not sure if this bit is possible directly in bubble.

Hope this helps.

Anil, Yes that does help thank you.

It may push us more towards using a native plugin. Will have a think…

Okay, here’s a thought…

For the MVP we only need to ‘synthesise this’ to demonstrate how it will work.

Could we instead - have the map appear of the location of the user, and then artificially drop some pins over the map to look like other users nearby.

That would emulate what we are trying to do for now and give the MVP user the understanding of what is going on.

Just thinking out loud… so I would programme a map to show user location to a certain zoom.
Then have a timed overlay of a series of pins on the map.
As long as they don’t try zooming etc. or we don’t permit them to, this should look realistic enough.

Comments appreciated.


Ha ha - we might end up with users looking like they are in the sea or in a river!!

Never mind :ok_man:

Please send your contact email, or email me at , I am working on something similar and would like to colab