Help with ACH/NACHA Bank Routing Numbers Check

With this API we can check routing numbers, I can retreive the data by inserting dynamic data from external API. But how would I actually use the API to very if the input filled inside the form on my website is validated through this API?

I am new to using API’s on Bubble and was wondering how we can intialize the plugin in actions.


Any ideas how we can use this api in our app? I understand how to pull data but how do I make a form input and when pressing a button checking the VAT?

Hi @nocodeventure Did you find how to fix this? Thanks :wink:

Yes sure, I decided to make my own version.

Have a look here

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Do you know any realtime VAT ID validation plugin so we can put it in an input?

Sure, I just created one for your review here below. It only contains Data calls but if you need it I will add action Workflows. Have a look at the editor here: