Square API (NOT using the plugin) and ACH Payments

Hi there,

I am integrating Square for a client project and am new to the Square API. The company sells group travel trips, including destinations to Cuba, which means that they cannot be a merchant through Stripe (which I’m very familiar with). So trying to explore alternatives that would allow for Cuba-based purchases. We are based in the US.

Following the Square documentation, I am having issues specifically with the ACH integration. Other than injecting the entire code into the page header (not practical), I can’t successfully integrate the ACH portal. Here’s more info from Square: https://developer.squareup.com/reference/sdks/web/payments/bank-payments

Has anyone successfully integrated ACH through Square for Bubble apps? Thanks in advance!

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Huge shoutout to Lindsay at Knowcode for building a custom solution for me and my team. His original Square plugin now includes ACH payments, and we can’t wait to roll it out for our clients. Click the link below to find it on the Bubble marketplace!

I cannot express my gratitude for Lindsay and all of his expertise and guidance. He worked so quickly and so efficiently, even sharing YouTube videos of his progress along the way and answering any and all questions I had.

Hands down the best Bubble collaboration experience I’ve had. Definitely check out the plugin if you’re looking for a Square ACH solution, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Lindsay if you’re looking for something else or to expand on one of his existing plugins. Very talented and exceptionally knowledgeable.