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Help with adding constraints to the name input field in signup page (no symbols or numbers)

Hey everyone! When a user signs up, they input their name. I would like to add some type of constraint that does not allow the user to add numbers or special symbols in the name field. I have created a 1-minute video below to show the problem I need help with! Thanks

Don’t think you can do that. Bubble doesn’t support that content type (they have “text (numbers only)” but not “text (alpha characters only)”. You’ll have to handle that after they leave (unfocus) the textbox with a conditional event that checks the text and determines if they have any numbers in there (you likely have to use some regex).

Other option is maybe someone out there made a plugin that allows you to create a textbox that has this type of functionality

That makes sense. Do you by any chance know what the regex pattern would be to make sure the input does not have any numbers or special characters in it?

I’m not a regex expert by any means. Any time I need regex patterns, I just google it. Guaranteed the regex pattern you’re looking for has been posted a million times on the internet.

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