Help with advanced search and filtering

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Newbie here, 2 weeks in, brain freeeze.

I want to have an advanced search box on my home page that then opens up a new page/popup with the results in a RG. I know how to do this when the input fields are on the same page but I’m struggling with passing the inputs through to the next page and determining the RG. If anyone could give me a high level overview on best way to achieve this and/or point me to a video, I’d be grarteful…


Let’s say you have a dB structure like this:


  • Title (text)
  • Tasks (list of tasks)


  • Title (text)

On your home page:

  • A searchbox set up to search for projects like this:

And you want users to be sent to the project page (named project) set to have a type of content called “project” (… I know … overuse of the word project … sorry!) like this:

Once a user finds a project by typing into the searchbox the workflow would look like this:

The user will be taken to the project page where the project tasks will be displayed in a repeating group set up like this:

Hope this helps! :+1:

Thx. I’ve tried that and doesn’t quite work. See my homepage screenshot and the filter dropdowns I’m using, the the workflow on the ‘Search Properties’ button… What I want to do is land on my result page with those inputs prefilled in where my RG is, see last screenshot…

Sending data to another page can be done using this:

Best, Peter

In my example … if those inputs featured a “task” metadata (other fields) they would show the information if they had their default values set to show the page’s project.

Consider setting up the default values of your inputs with the page’s thing field valuez

Passing URL parameters was new to me so very excited to see that option working nicely, but I’ve run into trouble. If the user then changes search criteria it doesn’t work. I have my dropdowns to take data from the URL, I’ve tried in the placeholder and the default, without the required ux. How could I ‘reset’ the data passed in the URL and just use the new dropdown values for my RG?