Urgent help needed with search filters!

Have been very stuck with something for a couple days and really not sure how to go about it, not sure how i could filter down searches, so I have two dropdowns with price and work experience and one repeating group with cleaning services (checkboxes) and I put a confirm button, how do I make it so when a user e.g selects for example; 10 pounds for the price, 3 years for work experience dropdown and selects certain fields in the repeating group and clicks confirm it only comes up with the users with the data they selected. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

Go to workflow - When an input is changed - select the price drop-down - element actions - display list - select the RG - set constraint as price = Drop-down’s value

Similarly for work experience

the workflow for the confirm button?

If you could share your editor or PM me, I could help you better

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