Help with API connector and Instagram Basic Display API

Hi guys,

I am trying to setup the Instagram Basic Display API so that I can fetch users’ posts from their IG profiles.

I’m generating the User Access Token from here:

I’ve set up the connector like this:

But always get this error:

Anyone who has done it and can share some guidance?

Thanks in advance!!

Did you follow all the steps on this page. Looks like you need an initial api call to get a token and then use that token for the call you are trying to make.

hi @williamtisdale - thanks for the reply.

It took me a couple of days, but I realised I had a Business App while I needed a Consumer App to deal with the Basic Display API.

It’s my first time using Postman too, and I thought I went through the whole process correctly but I get this error now when trying to authenticate via the Instagram login on Bubble:

{“error_type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 400, “error_message”: “Invalid scope: []”}

And when I try calling an API on Postman I get this:

I’ll try the process from scratch and see if I can fix it.

I still get this message:
{“error_type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 400, “error_message”: “Invalid scope: []”}

What I noticed by googling this error is that I miss ‘scope=user_profile,user_media’ in the URL that gets generated after I click on the Instagram button on my Bubble app, as mentioned here:

When I add that string to the URL, then I see this as I should:

I click Allow, but then I get this error:

So it seems like I have a problem with both a missing string in the URL and the access token (I exchanged the short-lived token with a long-lived one).

Any clue how to solve them?

On Postman, though, using this GET request I can see my posts:,caption,media_url,permalink&access_token=IGQV

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks a million in advance @williamtisdale !

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@fellowdroner did you manage to find a solution for this? :slight_smile:

About a year ago, Instagram deprecated the Basic Graph API and introduced the Instagram Publishing API. Going forward you’ll need to use that instead of the basic one.

If you want to get posts for a user, look at this: IG User - Instagram Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers with the /media endpoint.

Here is an announcement we did way-back-when that might give further help.